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Trap placement
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19th Feb 2017

TH9 basics
Where should I place my traps???

Hey welcome to a TH9 base building guide. I will talk about the traps placement for this week. If you guys want any other guides or tips, feel free to ask me in DMs (bane) and if I see multiple times the same mistake being made, I will also make a guide for it. Let's start with: 
Where you should put your traps?

        General trap placement:

  • You should always be placing your traps away from your queen. Most attackers come directly at queen with their kills quad so you want them to take out less traps as possible so they have more trouble coming in with the second phase of their attack. But they are a few exceptions:

        1- When you want a funnel to fail, you can put a seeking air mine so a baby drag dies faster in order to fail funnel which might make the enemy fail his attack because of heroes or bowlers walking.

        2- Small bombs are another exception. You wanna place 2 or even 3 of your small bombs close to the queen chamber in order to kill enemy wallbreakers! So your small bombs work, you need to place them one tile away from the wall, which is a common mistake that people make by placing them directly on the wall.

        3- Last but not least, you can place your air traps close to queen if you are making a no fly zone type of base which I recommend trying only if you are an expert base builder. Here is the popular no fly zone base by OneHive Gazette: https://www.youtube.com/w ... tvtYtlNr4&t=506s

I’m gonna go more in depth for every trap:

  • Small Bombs:
As said above, you can place your small bombs one tile away from your walls for a wallbreaker fail. Place them where you think most attacker would enter from. Queen is most of the time the best and most used entry. Remember that your bombs need to be max level (lvl 6) in order to kill a town hall 9 level wallbreaker. You can also place all 6 of your small bombs together to act like a giant bomb. This isn’t recommended since you already have 4 giant bombs and a bomb tower. The group of bombs would act like a 6th giant bomb (4 GB, BT+ small bombs) which would only work on really open bases. I don’t recommend using crazy open bases anymore at th9.

  • Giant Bombs:
Place your giant bombs away from queen but not to close to each other so they overlap themselves. Remember, a Bomb Tower acts like a giant bomb so don’t put one giant bomb next to bomb tower because it will be useless. Double giant bombs still work but you need to make them new meta. In order for a double giant bombs to work, you need to include two small bombs in it to kill level 5 hog riders. Placing a bomb tower before two giant bombs also work but it will only work by hogs coming from the bomb tower to next building. Double sets should be used in compact bases but most of the time try to do all 4 singles. Never run two double giant bombs sets, in my opinion, it’s really useless. Place giant bombs usually on the outside compartment so the first compartment hogs will face in order to force a premature heal spell.

As you can see on this base, I placed my giant bombs are spread all around the base to make sure an attacker has to drop a heal spell over heal spell to make sure he keeps his hogs alive

  • Spring traps:
Place spring traps away from queen as I’ve said. Try placing vertical and horizontal spring traps. Here is the only ways a spring trap will work at its 100%:

Exceptions are with teslas: Place the spring on the upper side of the tesla so basically in the middle of the 3 tile defense building. THE ONLY time you can use a double spring set is between two teslas and only between two teslas.

As you can see on this base, I placed my spring traps away from queen and I placed 3 of them horizontally and 3 vertically so hogs from many points will fly off the base!

  • Air bombs and Skelly trap:
Skelly trap are placed like air bombs only if you make them on air mode. If not, place your ground skelly trap away from queen and on the most outside defenses so hogs triggers it faster and skellies have more time to hit them. Place air bombs (red bombs) also away from queen but more important: AWAY FROM AIR DEFENSES! Red bombs are used to kill loons not hound. To accomplish that, place them near wiz towers, which should also be away from air defenses or near a group of archer towers or teslas(tesla farms). For air skelly traps, they are also used to kill loons. Place them where if an attacker drops a hound, he doesn’t know if his hound will go to the air defense one or two. If hound target isn’t clear, the enemy shouldn’t place it there 75% of the time. If hound doesn’t triggers every air trap, no more loons and no 3 star.

  • Seeking Air Mines (SAMs)
I recommend stacking up two SAMs on an air defense to kill a hound faster than what the attacker expected. Since you have four of them, do that for two air defenses. You wanna chose the two air defenses who are the farthest from queen but don’t put SAMs on an exposed air defense (queen walkable). If you have all 4 exposed or cornered air defenses, you can place your SAMs in the core of the base in case enemy comes at you with a drag attack. If you have all 4 air defenses close to each other, place all 4 SAMs close to that area to defend a QC mass baby drag by killing the healers.

In orange, you can see that I stacked two black bombs on both air defenses that are far away from queen. In blue, you can see my air bombs who are placed in order to kill loons!

  • Teslas
Do not use your teslas in a dumb way. Teslas have a bigger dps than any other point defenses plus enemy does not know where they are. I recommend using teslas in two different ways. First of all, you can place them near a popular entry point in order to redirect golem to your tesla. Placing all 4 teslas on the outside of the base or near it can be a good thing and is the most popular at the moment in the top tier war clan scene. The second way is doing a tesla farm. If you have an exposed queen and clan castle with an easy pathing for a penta lalo, you can place a tesla farm in front of the queen to cause a suicide hero fail. If you want to use a tesla farm but not near queen which is the most common thing, you can also do it. Place your tesla farm semi exposed, so 4 loons won't take it down but not in the core of your base so a easy kill squad coming from any direction can take it out with no problem.

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